Wednesday, January 6, 2010

32nd Turnoff - "Used to be a Tiger"

Used to be a Tiger b/w Baby (Honey) What you Doin' to Me (Jay Boy 1970 - Italian issue)

Not much is known about this Eddy Grant studio project. I can't find any information on who else was involved. No matter, "Used to be a Tiger" is as good as rock & roll gets! This gives off a strong frat rock vibe, not unlike The Sonics, updated for 1970.

The B-side sounds a bit like Cream's "Strange Brew," and think I'd actually rather listen to Cream than this track. Rather dull.

Both tracks on this single taken from their eponymous LP. "Used to be a Tiger" is probably the only cut of real interest to rock'n'rollers. Much of the rest is funky, with drum breaks and such. Rumor is that the LP was pretty much thrown together from sessions done in President Records founder Ed Kassner's studio.