Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bintangs "Ridin' on the L&N"

Ridin' on the L&N b/w Down South Blues (1969 Decca - Dutch issue)

Here's a nice bit of Americana, by way of the Netherlands. I've been holding off on this one, until I had a (shitty) picture sleeve copy. Nothing like an Amsterdam flea market for finding the real deal! The Bintangs formed around 1959 and, in some form, are still going today. Their '68-'72 output is the most distinct, in my opinion. They had some incredible moments of pub rock glory in the mid-to-late-70's, but the albums were certainly more spotty after about '72.

This is an edit of the album version with a wisely truncated flute solo. The b-side is much more bluesy but also has a flute solo. Sometimes I can't help but laugh. What is the thing with Late 60's early 70's Dutch bands and flute solos?! Jethro Tull must have really spoken to the Dutch somehow. If you like this one, check out "Lion Tamer" and "I'm On My Own Again."