Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ariel Silber - "Movie Instead"

Movie Instead B/W When It's Time (AZ 1971 - Israeli issue)

It's been a while since the last post, so here's some top quality to make up for the poor quantity.

If you're living in Israel, the name Ariel Zilber is probably nothing new to you. On this and a couple other early released, he spells his surname as Silber. From what I gather, he's been one of the most prominent Israeli singer-songwriters for 40 years. There's plenty of information available on him if you read Hebrew. I don't, so I won't pretend to know much about him. (Ok, here's a google translation of a Hebrew blog) You tube has a fair amount of his clips, from the 70's, on to current stuff. I haven't had any luck finding any other tracks with this raw, almost proto-Belgian punk sound. The flip, also on the Hebrew blog, is mildly interesting; kind of like Steely Dan, meets a Pilot album track, meets Wings.

The single came out in France as well, with a black and white pic sleeve. He also did a couple other singles in the early 70's, but I haven't heard 'em.