Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hat and Tie

Chance for Romance b/w California Jazz Club USA (1966 President - UK issue)

Simultaneously sounding exactly like early Kinks, AND completely original, Hat and Tie somehow came and went with little fanfare. At the core of the group were Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Chris Thomas, who had played together in R&B group Second Thoughts. They managed to release 2 excellent 45s on President, this one being far less acclaimed. Their other 45 included the swirling gem "Finding it Rough." If you haven't heard that one, do yourself a huge favor and click here!

After Hat and Tie, Campbell-Lyons formed the first, but lesser-known Nirvana, while Thomas produced some silly little album called Nevermind the Bollocks...

I usually don't post both sides, as I like to encourage people to collect records, rather than mp3s. I'm just too in love with this one, though. Here are both cuts:

Chance for Romance

California Jazz Club U.S.A.