Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bunter - "Long Live the Queen"

Long Live the Queen b/w Jumping Jesus (Kuckuck 1973 - German issue)

What the hell is this?! The songwriting credit simply lists "Bunter." The only other name is producer Adrian Millar, who worked with The Rats/David Kubinec, and the Babys. I'd try to track him down, had he not died a few years ago.

Each side sounds like it's sung by a different person. "Long Live the Queen" sounds almost exactly like a lost Chicory Tip track; synthesizers, handclaps, and spot-on vocals.

The lesser of the two tracks, "Jumping Jesus," probably deserves to be here in it's own right. A mildly-blasphemous pop-psych-glam number, the handclaps aside, it doesn't bear any resemblance to the title cut. Check out the layered guitar solo!

Long Live the Queen

Jumping Jesus

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Salix Alba - "Sweet Time"

Oh Mama b/w Sweet Time (Bellaphon 1973 - German Issue)

Oh Mama sounds like a half-hearted take on "Just a Gigolo," but about getting stoned, rather than getting laid. *Yawn* Flip it over and, what's this.... here's a nice piece of glittery pop! There's a pinch of prog thrown in the mix but, thankfully, the song stays upbeat and catchy.

Salix Alba - Oh Mama

Aside from being Belgian, I'm not sure what their deal is. On the cover of their '73 LP (pictured above), two guys are costumed up as though they could be members of Chicory Tip or Lemming. I haven't heard it, but I have a hunch it's not going to sound as cool as it looks. Three of the four Salix Alba tracks I've heard have had that same awful Louis Prima sound. I'll hold out for a cheap copy.

Somehow, this track got a US release too, on STAX! This time it's an erroneously pluralized "Sweet Times." The A-side is "I Can't Resist," a different boring tune and, as I said before, not unlike that "Oh Mama" nonsense.

Keyboardist Marc Herouet was previously in Wallace Collection, a late-60's, early-70's Belgian orchestral pop group who had a fair amount of success in Europe. Recommended for fans of The Move.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mabel - "I am a Hot Dog"

Mabel can get a bit silly at times, and this is no exception. This one has plenty of redeeming qualities; brilliant, cheap-sounding keyboards, goofy lyrics about picking up women, and those RIDICULOUS fake dog sounds! It's pure campy fun.

For such a prolific band, I find it incredibly difficult to get any substantial info on Mabel. These Danes released their first of many (twelve?) singles in 1975, released a good five or so albums, and moved to Spain, before ultimately morphing into Studs around '81. They were pretty big with the teenybopper crowd, as the singer was young prettyboy Mike Tramp, better known for fronting 80's hairballs White Lion. Mabel had a lot of filler, but still many worthwhile tracks.

Spanish sleeve