Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bunter - "Long Live the Queen"

Long Live the Queen b/w Jumping Jesus (Kuckuck 1973 - German issue)

What the hell is this?! The songwriting credit simply lists "Bunter." The only other name is producer Adrian Millar, who worked with The Rats/David Kubinec, and the Babys. I'd try to track him down, had he not died a few years ago.

Each side sounds like it's sung by a different person. "Long Live the Queen" sounds almost exactly like a lost Chicory Tip track; synthesizers, handclaps, and spot-on vocals.

The lesser of the two tracks, "Jumping Jesus," probably deserves to be here in it's own right. A mildly-blasphemous pop-psych-glam number, the handclaps aside, it doesn't bear any resemblance to the title cut. Check out the layered guitar solo!

Long Live the Queen

Jumping Jesus


  1. Long Live the Queen is a different version of Rats' Queen (turdle dove).

  2. So it is, thanks! I guess I need to re-familiarize myself with Rats' First.

  3. I wonder if "Bunter" is named after that famous English schoolboy Billy Bunter