Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Les Dollies

Cherie Baby b/w Let's Dance Tonight (1977 HS - French issue)

Interesting sleeve.....Muppet drug-casualties? One person responsible for this record was media tycoon and current 102nd-richest person in America, Haim Saban. As the producer behind the Power Rangers, he made millions of annoying 90's kids think they knew martial arts. But thanks to this record, I can now almost forgive Saban for all the karate chops I received 15 years ago from my younger cousins.

"Cherie Baby" is the Four Seasons tune, with French lyrics. It's got a nice synth riff, a la Wings' "Wonderful Christmastime." Pretty light fare, but somewhat interesting. "Let's Dance Tonight" is more straight-forward glitter, with Kenny-esque vocals. The writing credit for the B-side is Kussa, which is rumored to be an alias of Saban, though I've also read he took a lot of credit for arrangements/writing he didn't actually do.

Cherie Baby

Let's Dance Tonight