Tuesday, February 22, 2011

High Noon - "Drivin' Drivin'"

Old Fashioned Feeling b/w Drivin' Drivin' (CBS 1970 - US issue)

High Noon was a studio project of Sundragon members Robert Freeman and Ian McLintock. These two had played together in various bands since the mid-60's, most notably in Sands, who gave us the fantastic "Listen to the Sky." Sundragon had minor hit, covering "Green Tambourine," and rushed out an album of mostly covers. When that momentum died, Freeman and McLintock released a handful of singles under various other band names.

"Old Fashioned Feeling" is your typical sunshine pop, somewhat like Edison Lighthouse. "Drivin' Drivin'" is the better cut. It starts out enjoyable enough, then the bridge kicks in and it goes from good to great!

Promo copies seem to be somewhat common. This was released in Japan in a picture sleeve. The Tapestry of Delights lists two more singles; the rather enjoyable "Dragonfly" b/w "Bring" Back That Love Again," and the rather elusive "Living is a Loving Thing" b/w "Blind Alley."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lion - "In My Youth"

In My Youth (same on both sides) (Mainstream 1969 - US promo issue)

I can't quite put my finger on this. I hear a bit of early Flamin' Groovies in this but, no, that's not it....

Here's the first of Lion's two 1969 singles on the no-frills Mainstream label. Promo copies like this, with the same track on both sides seem to be most common. I've also seen a copy listed with "It's Too Late" as the flipside, and another GEMM listing has "Ramrod" as the flip. The only thing I could find on this record is a copyright, listing Stephen Burgess and David Fuller as the writers. My guess is they're American. Does anybody know who they are?

I haven't heard the second single, "Natural Man" b/w "Sometimes I Feel Like Philadelphia," also written by S. Burgess. Um, help?