Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mabel - "I am a Hot Dog"

Mabel can get a bit silly at times, and this is no exception. This one has plenty of redeeming qualities; brilliant, cheap-sounding keyboards, goofy lyrics about picking up women, and those RIDICULOUS fake dog sounds! It's pure campy fun.

For such a prolific band, I find it incredibly difficult to get any substantial info on Mabel. These Danes released their first of many (twelve?) singles in 1975, released a good five or so albums, and moved to Spain, before ultimately morphing into Studs around '81. They were pretty big with the teenybopper crowd, as the singer was young prettyboy Mike Tramp, better known for fronting 80's hairballs White Lion. Mabel had a lot of filler, but still many worthwhile tracks.

Spanish sleeve



  2. That's another good one, and the album version is even better!