Friday, September 7, 2012

The Rhodes Kids - "Runaway"

Runaway b/w Runaway (Instrumental) (GRC 1975 - US issue)

Houston's Rhodes Kids were another one of those schmaltzy, 1970s family show bands.  They made the Osmonds seem like tough guys.  With several TV appearances and Las Vegas bookings, one can consider them fairly successful.  The fascinating thing about them is their record label.  GRC was run by Michael Thevis, the mobbed-up "Scarface of Porn," who likely used the label to launder money from his porn/peepshow empire.  Thevis' criminal career is an interesting read, and I encourage you to google him.

The A-side of this Del Shannon classic can be heard here.  I don't know about you, but I don't care to hear 8 people singing the same melody at once.  Luckily, the flip side is a cool, glittery instrumental version.

Further reading

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  1. Hi there,
    Just discovered your blog and looking over what you've got here, I thought maybe you could help me. I've been searching for years for someone who might have this record I had as a kid that I've had no luck even finding a reference to on the net. It's called Watch Out For Love by a band called Foxx, or The Foxx. As far as I know it's not the same band that recorded The Revolt Of Emily Young album, and it definitely is not the single x band who did For Fox Sake. It's a really Upbeat psych tune with Leslied vocals on the chorus. It was a yellow label with black writing(I don't recall there being a label name). The B-side may have been an instrumental called Saturday Trip, or I may have had two different records by them. I have run this by so many singles blog owners and noone has ever heard of it. I would so love to hear this song again.
    Jon Mitchell

  2. Hi Jon,
    Seems you had a pretty rare one there. The only info I could find was that the group was called "Foxx and the United Lace" and that they were from Davison, Michigan. You have the song titles correct. The label was possibly called "Zip." I can't find any ebay history on this record. I reckon this one didn't make it far out of Davison. I see that you're in Flint. If I were you, I'd try to find someone local, maybe someone who went to high school in Davison in the mid-60s. If you can, go to the next local record swap and just chat up all the seasoned garage collectors. You never know, one of them may have a copy or two.
    Good luck!

  3. Well, I was born and raised in Flint, but live in North Carolina now. I got it at a rummage sale in Flushing when I was very young. Well, thanks for the info. Maybe there's a blogger in Michigan somewhere who might come across it. At least I know the actual artist's name.

  4. I have a 2 signed albums from all of the members, live in Las Vegas at the Hilton.

    Warm up band for Elvis. Incredible Find.

    Call William @ 504 215-8404